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Regional Dance America’s Pacific Festival 2014

Posted: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 | By Kass Hall

Yuma, Arizona – Ballet Yuma tops off another successful season with a trip to Spokane, Washington April 29-May 3, where they will participate in Regional Dance America’s Pacific Festival (RDA/P). Attending as Arizona’s sole representative in the prestigious national organization, Ballet Yuma dancers have been following an intense rehearsal schedule to perfect the artistic pieces that have been selected by an outside, professional adjudicator for them to present at the Festival. Membership in Regional Dance America not only raises the artistic level of a company, it also provides its dancers with scholarship opportunities worth over $100,000 annually, training and performance opportunities, and exposure to a much broader dance world.

While in Spokane, Ballet Yuma dancers will participate in master classes, audition for scholarships and attend three evenings of performances. The directors and board members are given opportunities to connect, network and gain perspective to help make their organizations more professional and more effective. Tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded at each festival to dancers for study at prestigious summer programs. Additionally, major professional companies, colleges and universities scout for their future talent. The festivals are essentially performing events each hosted by an individual company or region. Each spring, the process begins when nationally recognized adjudicators tour the regions to select works by participating companies and arrange festival programs. Each company receives a written report about its own offerings as well as those of the other members. For those in isolated communities where there is no informed dance press, the adjudication reports are especially valuable.

Regional Dance America is the national identity for member companies, unifying the five regional associations. Included are more than two dozen nationally recognized professional groups, with the focus being on elevating the level of dance nation-wide by establishing and maintaining rigorous standards in education and performance for its member companies. It is through this participation with RDA that Ballet Yuma is recognized as one of the best pre-professional ballet companies in the country. For more information on Regional Dance America, go to